Unless you have experience in the residential real estate industry, things can become very tricky very fast. You’ll have to deal with the Northwest Louisiana housing market, which can fluctuate rapidly, contains arcane terminology, and comes with lots of confusing financial details. If you’re selling a house in Shreveport or the surrounding area, you’ll have to deal with all of that, plus fickle home buyers, frustrating negotiations, and the worry that your house will languish on the market indefinitely.

The fact of the matter is, selling your home doesn’t have to be an endurance test — particularly when you partner with the right people. At Laura Dean Real Estate, I understand that what you want is simple — to sell your home in a reasonable amount of time and for a reasonable price. With more than nine years of experience as a REALTOR®, with certifications as a Real Estate Pricing Specialist, Short Sale Specialist, and Foreclosure Specialist, I am well-equipped to make that happen!

When you partner with me to sell your home, I’ll begin by analyzing the current real estate climate in the area in order to help you to determine a sale price that’s realistic. Additionally, I’ll prepare your property for sale and effectively market it by emphasizing the most attractive features. Did you recently remodel the kitchen with brand new appliances, countertops, and hardwood floors? We’ll make that the focal point of the sale. Have you put hours of yard work into the landscaping on your property? I’ll be sure to point that out when I walk prospective home buyers across the lawn. Once you have a potential home buyer, I’ll put my seasoned negotiating skills to work on your behalf so you get the biggest payout when you sell your house.

As an experienced REALTOR®, I know better than anyone that, at the end of the day, selling your home is a life-changing experience. My job is to make that experience a good one! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me online or by phone today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.